OM Learning Event

Outcome Mapping is an innovative new system of measuring results and an M & E tool that a number of AcT partners have adopted. Seeing that the Outcome Mapping Community in Tanzania is growing, AcT decided to have a learning event to share different practical experiences of using Outcome Mapping.

The event started off with a brief presentation on what OM is all about by an AcT team representative. Following that,  two of AcT Partners, Oxfam and TFCG presented on their experiences of using the tools.

The presentations were followed by discussions where participants asked each other questions and shared their thoughts on challenges and usefulness of the tool. Some participants wondered if the tool could actually make an organisation loose focus of what it’s doing. Those who had been using it for sometime explained that Outcome Mapping made them more focused in their work and achievement of results. Many felt that the tool helps to look at how people in communities can bring about development. Oxfam also shared some of the Outcome Mapping journals that have been completed from the fields. These can be seen here and here.


On 28 November 2013, AcT once again facilitated a day-long meeting on OM to meet the needs both of experienced users and also those new to OM. Initially there was an orientation and explanation using the set of slides attached here.  This was followed by discussion in groups where particular challenges with using OM were identified and possible solutions shared and explored.  AcT has documented the advice of participants, and where possible make reference to where particular organisations have directly relevant experience to share. Read more

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