Our CSO Partners

To date, twenty four CSO partners have been selected to join the AcT programme:

DARAJA is based in Njombe and is an innovative programme that involves citizens in the monitoring of water service delivery by empowering them to use mobile phone messaging to report if their water points are working. As opinion polls show, improvement in water supply is the number one concern of Tanzanian citizens however, close to half the established water points in the country are out of order. Daraja uses messages from citizens to bring water problems to the attention of district water engineers and monitor what they are doing about them. Daraja has received GBP 999,566 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

OXFAM GB in Tanzania is working with smallholder farmers and vulnerable groups in the regions of Ngorongoro, Tanga and Shinyanga. Oxfam is helping to strengthen citizen-led monitoring of government service delivery and public resource management with the aim of improving the quality of both. The idea is that communities can make their voices heard and demand accountability of government authorities through print, broadcast and other media. Their goal is to reach about 1 million people over the life of the project. AcT has committed to Oxfam funds amounting to GBP 2,520,645 ending March 2015.

REPOA (Research on Poverty Alleviation) specializes in economic and social research in Tanzania. Key outputs include the production of the Poverty and Human Development Report; Research publications and policy briefs; and, the Tanzania Governance Notice Board. Through the Citizen’s Surveys and the Afro-Barometer Survey, REPOA informs citizens and policy-makers on a wide range of issues, including accountability. REPOA has received GBP 1,350,000 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

HakiElimu starts from the position that basic education is a fundamental right of all people and should not be withheld from anyone. With their Friends of Education Movement, HakiElimu provides a forum for people throughout Tanzania who care about education to share their views and concerns. The aim is to contribute towards transforming schools by enabling them to provide quality education for all. To date there are approximately 32,940 registered members of this movement. HakiElimu has received from AcT funds amounting to GBP 2,084,830 ending March 2015.

ActionAid Tanzania, among its many projects is working on the “Land Accountability Proje

ActionAid Tanzania has received funds from AcT amounting to GBP 597,588 for the one year period ending Marchl 2015. This project aims to provide the means and evidence for poor women and poor people to hold the government and local leaders accountable for just and democratic land accountability. This project is being supported by HakiArdhi, TNRF, MJUMITA and LHRC.

Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) boasts of 25 years of experience in advocacy,capacity building, research and awareness raising on forest issues in Tanzania. They have worked closely with the Tanzanian Government in developing guidelines for participatory forest management. They have Teamed up with MJUMITA on a project named, “Forest Justice in Tanzania: Increasing Accountability in Tanzania’s Forest Sector”. The success of this project will be boosted by the fact that MJUMITA is a network of over 6000 community members and have experience in working with the media in covering issues surrounding participatory forest management.

TFCG will receive up to GBP 1,440,200 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) seeks to not only make the government and public officials abide by the international human rights regulations but also private business people. LHRC has animpressive track record of defending human rights, promoting respect for the rule of law, provison of legal aid to those who do not have access to justice and pursuit of public interest cases.

LHRC will receive up to GBP 1,011,000 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

Cafe Africa aims to stregnthen accountability in the coffee sector in Tanzania by providing support to the development of the coffee sector and its stakeholders. Being that Coffee is one of Tanzania’s primary agricultural exports, their work will help to secure livelihood of thousands of households.

Cafe Africa will receive upto GBP 360,000 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

The Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) has taken an interfaith approach to promoting social justice, human rights and economic justice for poor communities. By teaming up withreligious leaders from BAKWATA, TEC and CCT, NCA aims to deliver advocacy work and promote good governance through theological reflections.

NCA will receive upto GBP 1,800,000 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

HelpAge International seeks to promote the recognition of issues concerning older people and mainstream them into the country’s development agenda. By doing so, it aims toalleviate poverty and improve the lives of older people.

HelpAge will receive GBP 700,000 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

Equality for Growth (EFG) has been established with the aim of assisting women traders in the local markets in Tanzania (Ilala region specifically). Due to the multiple problems facedby women who are trying to make a livelihood in these markets, EFG aims to open a platform for them to air their views and stand for their rights.

EFG will receive GBP 286,850 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

Caucus for Children’s Rights (CCR) wants to see government and systems that are responsive to child protection issues. CCR aims to influence the Tanzanian Government and citizens at large to make a legal, financial and personal investment to keep the children safe.

CCR will receive GBP 1,079,000 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

SNV envisages bringing impact to Tanzania with an overall goal of improved access to basic services, and strengthened business environment through improved functionalility of accountability relations.

SNV will receive GBP 1,342,500 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

HakiKazi Catalyst (HKC) has a vision of a Tanzania where people are informed, knowledgeable about their rights and taking action to influence policies and decisions for economic and social justice. They aim to facilitate processess that support the initiatives of poor and marginalized communities.

HKC will receive GBP 460,000 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

Kilimanjaro Women Information Exchange and Consultancy Organisation (KWIECO) envisions a Tanzanian society where human rights are respected. They aimto achieve this through two main outcomes; an operational gender and child responsive legal frameworks and access to justice for the poor, marginalised and children.

KWIECO will receive GBP 450,000 of AcT funding ending March 2015.

Tandabui Health Access Tanzania (THAT) focusing on health governance is a better way of ensuring the health and well being of a large number of patients. THAT intends to deliver results in three main areas; awareness programmes on health rights and healthy lifestyles, targetingn local leaders/officials with messages on health governance andaccountability issues and developing a comprehensive health mapping survey report.

THAT will receive GBP 300,000 ending March 2015

BBC Media Action works to improve accountability in Tanzania by using radio as a means to reach mass audiences and the poor. The focus is to provide platforms that can enhance public understanding of governance processes and issues;  stimulate discussion and debate; enable people and representative organizations to hold government to account; and to provide government with an opportunity to give a public account of their actions. 

BBC will receive GBP 700,000 of AcT funding ending December 2014

HakiArdhi envisages a socially just and equitable land tenure system in which all groups in the society and especially the rural based small producers haki ardhi logoare guaranteed security of tenure, access and ownership to land and other means of livelihood. HAKIARDHI intends to work in two districts of Mufindi and Kilolo Iringa where ill-conceived reforestation projects have been damaging to livelihoods. The project intends to support the preparation of comprehensive land use plans at local level, and also engage in wider discussions around sustainable land use and management in the context of climate change.

 HAKIARDHI will receive GBP 600,000 of AcT funding ending December 2014. 

TFCG has partnered with four other CSOs: ActionAid Tanzania, TOAM, MVIWATA and MJUMITA, to implement the Climate Change, Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation (CAP) initiative, with a commitment to improving accountability and specific focus on agriculture. The proposed partnership was formed with the aim of forging stronger links between CSOs working on agriculture and those working on forest-related issues. All five organizations share a commitment to increasing social accountability, reducing rural poverty, improving governance and enhancing the ecological sustainability of Tanzania’s development pathway.

The consortium will receive up to GBP 100,000 of AcT funding ending December 2014. TGNP Logo

TGNP envisions a transformed Tanzanian society where there is gender, equality, equity and social justice. TGNP aims to achieve this through building a feminist movement for social gender transformation and women empowerment. TGNP works through a network of animators voluntarily united around Knowledge Centres around the country to facilitate changes from the village, ward, district and national levels.

TGNP will receive GBP 500,000 of AcT funding ending December 2014.


Sea Sense is a Non Government Organization striving to promote the sustainable use of coastal and marine resources, to protect marine biodiversity and improve the health and well-being of coastal communities in Tanzania. Sea Sense works closely with these communities to conserve and protect endangered marine species through capacity building, training, education and advocacy in changing attitudes towards conservation. Sea Sense is planning to centre its work on increasing accountability amongst key stakeholders in the fisheries sector including community based Beach Management Units, Local Government Authorities and Central Government decision makers.

Sea Sense will receive GBP 290,090 of AcT funding ending December 2014.


Forum CC, also known as the Tanzania Civil Society Forum on Climate Change, is an association of civil society organizations committed to work on climate change in their own programs, as well as working collectively on advocacy to improve responses to Climate Change in Tanzania. Forum CC came to AcT with an innovative proposal to work with the concept of ‘memes’ as a way of communicating understanding of the concept of responding to climate change across Tanzania, based on sharing and lobbying for positive resilience building responses at community, district and national level. 

Forum CC will receive GBP 400,000 of AcT funding ending December 2014.

The Kesho Trust has been funded by AcT to implement the second phase of the successful first phase of support to Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs), funded out of the Capacity Building Facility (CBF), and managed directly by KPMG. Based on their work on Phase I of the programme, KT believes that communities and their leadership need to understand that disability is a rights’ based issue, and not an individual medical problem. KT aims to work to remove the attitudinal, institutional and environmental barriers which exclude disabled people from participating in and benefitting from community based services and development. Additionally, the organization aims to help disabled people to become aware of their rights and understand disability as an issue of barriers and not their individual impairments.

The Kesho Trust will receive GBP 175,700 of AcT funding ending March 2014.

Agricultural Non State Actors Forums (ANSAF) is a network of 27 private and civil society organisations committed to improving agricultural policies, and to promoting good practice and learning among stakeholders in the sector.  Governance and accountability have been at the core of their work since their inception in 2006.  Ultimately the focus is on ensuring that the nearly 80% of Tanzanians whose livelihoods depend on agriculture are able to secure those livelihoods and both benefit from and contribute to, economic growth. 

ANSAF will receive GBP 200,000 of AcT funding ending December 2014.