Learning Programme

As part of the implementation of the learning strategy, AcT holds regular learning events.

What is recorded below is primarily for the benefit of those attending the events, to support feedback to their whole organisation. Training materials and a sense of some latest thinking and ideas are open to all!

Date Topic Link to presentations and handouts Link to summary notes / meeting
17 Aug 2014  CSO Boards & 2015 Agenda- II Board roles & responsibilities

Risk Management

Boards & post 2015 Agenda

16 April 2014  Reflecting on Results of 2013/2014- reflect on the big picture issues, including the political economy for specific sectors and levels of government  Questions for groups  
15 Feb 2014  CSO Boards & 2015 Agenda  Presentation  Discussion questions
14 Nov 2013  Outcome Mapping Workshop Presentation Slides  Summary Notes
13 Aug 2013 Learning Event or CC & E Partners – Results Reporting Results Reporting- Orientation to new partners Summary notes
12 April 2013 Reflecting on Results of 2012/2013 – what do they say about changes in government responsiveness and accountability in different sectors and at different levels of government? Summary Discussions
11 Feb 2013 1. Information and Citizens Action – final version of Prof Mesaki’s Study2. Feedback on AcT Mid-Term Review Citizen’s Action ReportAcT MTR Report Citizen’s Actions notes
10 Nov 2012 Value for Money – feedback and discussion on partner case studies produced by Dr Ngowi VfM Report VfM NotesVfM PresentationCase Study 1Case Study 2

Case Study 3

9 Oct 2012 Breakfast Discussion on Citizen Action – early findings from Prof Mesaki’s work with Oxfam and with AcT
8 Aug 2012 Financial Management – session presented by Daniel Luhamo, HakiElimuUnderstanding Value for Money – initial partner training on the concepts, including training materials for discussion within individual organisations and their own partners FM PresentationVfM Presentation Notes
7 July 2012 Outcome Mapping 101! – introduction to/review of outcome mapping basics for new staff from partner organisations Presentation Summary Discussions
6 May 2012 Reflection on Results of 2011/12 and AcT’s Theory of Change – Opportunity for partners to critique AcT’s revised ToC and revised log-frame in the light of results achieved during 2011/12 Presentation by AcTSummary of Results
5 Dec 2011 Practical Experiences of using Outcome Mapping – sharing from partners and ‘clinic session’ with AcT staff Presentation by TFCGPresentation by Oxfam OM JournalOM Journal
4 May 2011 Mobile phones, hotlines and sms – partner experiences and practical assessment of value for accountability work Summary of Event
3 March 2011 The Policy Gap – challenges around the gap between good policy and poor implementation – the opening point for responsiveness and accountability work Summary of Event
2 Dec 2010 Media, Communications and Accountability – ‘open space’ event for partners to discuss opportunities and concerns Summary of Event
1 May 2010 Civil Society—How effective for accountability in Tanzania? – AcT’s first learning event with presentations and ‘world café’ style discussions AcT PresentationPresentation by TNRF Summary Map



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