We are pleased to announce that the contract for AcT2 has been signed

AcT2 is currently in inception phase and we expect the first call for proposals to be launched around August 2018.

Please note that no uncommitted funds have been disbursed to date. We will publish the call for proposals on this website and in leading national daily newspapers.

About AcT1:  AcT1 is a £31m programme, is an innovative and exciting programme whose purpose is to increase the responsiveness and accountability of Government in Tanzania, through a strengthened civil society.

The programme provides financial support and learning opportunities for CSOs working in most sectors and issues – including work related to economic growth, the social sectors and governance issues including human rights, gender disability rights, children’s rights.  For further information on our CSO partners, click here                                                                                                             

It is largely funded by DFID, but includes ring-fenced funding dedicated to governance and accountability issues related to climate change and the environment, which includes a contribution from DANIDA.

Please note, almost all funding is now fully committed.

The programme started in 2009 and will run until March 2015.  In the first phase from 2009 to early 2012, the programme was run by a Consortium of organisations, including KPMG, MDF, ODI and DELTA.  For the second phase, it is being managed by KPMG.


What makes us innovative? 

  • Our theory of change was assessed by our recent Mid-Term Review Report as being ‘state of the art’ – to read more about it please click here
  • The way we aggregate results:  We use evidence from outcome mapping to generate indicators which are used in a conventional log-frame.

The following diagram summarises the approach. AcT's Logic model

To read more, please click here

  • Our management model – we have a strong focus on partnership and shared learning .  This means that we are able to engage with partners directly to strengthen their ways of working – using staff from within the AcT Programme Management Team, rather than from outsourced service providers.  If a partner gets into difficulties we are able to support them to solve their problems rather than having a stark choice between continuing to fund an organisation despite knowing of some fundamental flaws or cutting off funding altogether.